A place for souls to gather, connect, move, create and heal.

Moving Mind, Body, and Soul with Yoga

Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation and Group Healing Online and In Person. 

When I heal, Others Heal.

Yoga for Everyone

Yoga is more than movement and poses.  Yoga is Unity and in that movement we unite our soul to our physical experience.  The actions of asana, meditation, breathwork and many other things help us to reach that state of Yoga. 

Shifting and Healing

Through our dedicated  yoga and meditation practice we can shift and heal our old wounds and traumas.  We create opportunities for new patterns to emerge into healthy living and loving relationships. We can even bring forth substantial physical, emotional and mental healing.

Raising the Collective Frequency

As I heal, you heal because we are ONE in Divine Light.  This is the concept of Yoga, the oneness.  Since we are all joined in Divine Light as we each do our inner-work we can make a frequency change in the collective energy.  This benefits all beings walking this planet right now.  You are part of this!


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