NEW LOCATION! Inside Sektor Jiu Jitsu at 420 N. Main St.; #106, Corona 92880

About Us

A Unique Way to Evolve

With My Yoga Ohana you are not just getting access to online yoga classes (or in person), you are joining a living and breathing community of people who are ready to heal and evolve to their next level. 

Online or In-Person

Join classes in person in Corona, California or participate with us online from your own home.   If you're local maybe do a mix of each for even more classes to take. 

Not Just Asana

We believe in yoga as a lifestyle choice and living practice.  We provide movement (asana practice), sound healing, group healing, meditation and more as a gateway into the state of yoga (unity).  So you'll have a variety of classes you can participate to help you get to this amazing living possibility called YOGA. 

Meet Our Instructors